Cancer | 16th to 22nd May 2021

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In the early days of the week, you will be under the influence of negative planets, you will feel bored, sad and you will face some health problems. You will be discreet and arrogant. It will have an effect on your home harmony. You may face losses during this period. It is advisable not to invest in risky assets. Existing projects may close automatically for no reason. Your gains may turn into losers. Problems related to property are resolved. The mother’s health is somehow OK. You will avoid getting involved in disputes, otherwise it will drag you down in a negative way. You will control the way you speak to control this awkward situation. Your will and blessings from the elders will probably protect you from this awkward situation.

In the middle of the week, with the help of a positive moon, things are under control. With the blessing of the elders, this awkward situation can be overcome. You will get an edge in your job, you will plan to provide cash financing to meet your needs. You will spend some time in intellectual property. Students can perform better. You may feel sleepy now. Suggest you avoid guessing. The health of the parents is fine now. Couples planning to have children are likely to hear good news.

The last few days of the week can cause you to be busy in your professional and job field. You can request some large orders, which are able to grow your business. You will become enthusiastic about your work, which is able to provide you with mental fatigue, you will not be ready to arrive on time for family events. However, your family can support you a lot. Love Birds can expect important decisions regarding marriage with the help of friends. The job seeker will probably hear the best news about a new job. On the last day of the week, you will enjoy it with family or friends by watching a movie at home.

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