Aquarius | 23rd to 29th May 2021

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From the beginning of the week, you will become bored and sad, suggesting controlling your speaking style will affect your family life. You also avoid talking harshly to the people around you, it will drag you into any conspiracy. Your capital will probably be zero, so you need to talk to your customers to recover the outstanding amount. You are also advised to drive safely and avoid travelling for adventure travel. You will also lean towards secret, students are instructed to do a thorough study to urge for success. You are in dramatic situations if you are not instructed to manipulate things. Love birds should not make arguments on useless topics, it will break the relationship.

In the middle of the week, you will be blessed by positive planets, things will be under control. You will come out of the awkward situation, your spiritual strength can help you increase your inner strength and confidence. You should plan for work-related conversations. You will decide to go to a religious place with family or friends wherever you find peace of mind. You will decide to donate some amount to a religious place or some charity. You will enjoy praying or chanting mantras. You will get good support from your family members. You can grow your family business a little bit, which can increase your family’s social status.

The last few days, you will be busy at work, with the help of your network, you can make requests in a wide order, which can be useful in business growth. With the help of subordinates, you will be able to make a few tougher calls at work, which can improve your business in the near future. You can start some new innovations. Students can get a positive result in the study. Disputes with a spouse are now resolved, which can improve family harmony. Love birds can enjoy their quality moments.

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