Leo | 23rd to 29th May 2021

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At the beginning of the week, you will be blessed by the Positive planets, which can make you happy and calm. You will be humble with those around you. You will be able to solve many questions with the help of your communication skills. There will be control between earnings and expenses, which can increase your savings. You will spend on some household items. You are advised to control your arrogance and harsh speaking to preserve your domestic harmony. Love Bird might get some support for the wedding from his/her family. Students can hear some good news in terms of results.

The middle of the week will cause you to be busy at work. Your patience will be important in terms of your efficiency, you will focus and you will complete your work ahead of time, which can improve your confidence. You get leverage to grow your business faster. You will make tough decisions in business with the help of your subordinates. New innovations may come to your mind, which may provide benefits in the near future. You will plan the renovation of your home or workplace where your creative thinking will be used. Your siblings can help you with the family business. You will also plan for work-related short trips, which can add to your business or social network. You will be engaged in a social event.

The last few days, the planets will be negative, you will suffer from anxiety and restlessness, you will be stressed. You may be separated from your responsibilities. Negative thoughts can bother you. Hidden anxiety can bother you. You are suggested to connect with the positive people around you. Try and ignore what may confuse you. You will also consider moving from one place to another. However, with the blessing of the elders, you will try to get out of the awkward situation, you will use your knowledge and get good returns on your past investments, which can boost your financial health. Job seekers can get a job after a little hard work, students can hear good news. Love Birds are advised to avoid arguing on inappropriate issues.

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