Weekly Horoscope, 18 to 24 July 2021: Check predictions for Taurus

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At the beginning of the week, you can be blessed with a combination of positive planets that can be favourable for you. Old health problems in relation to parents have been solved, which can give you peace of mind. Your manager can appreciate your work, you can get a new task by promotion. you may hear the good news in any legal case. you may have full control over your opponents and hidden enemies. you can do better at work, which can improve your self-confidence. you can meet an influential person, who can help you in your business soon.

In the middle of the week, you can be blessed with a good planet, your wisdom can help you every step. you can expect to urge a good order in the business, which can increase your business capital and business network. You can start by sharing a new partnership with your closest friend, who can give you an edge soon. you may pay money to bring some art related stuff, which will improve your social status. you will also invest in lands and other assets. From the evening of July 21st, you can feel dull. you may encounter some obstacles in normal work.

The last two days of the week, you may be under a bad vibes, which can be negative. you may experience some health problems. you may not be focused, which can affect your projects, you will avoid making any important decisions. you may have unexplained fears surrounding you. you are advised to go to a spiritual place or to ask for certain prayers in order to get out of this unclean state. you may be the victim of a conspiracy, so you are advised to look out for opponents and business rivals. It has been suggested that love birds maintain patience and avoid creating unnecessary arguments, which could be a cause of breakup.

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