Weekly Horoscope, 25 to 31 July 2021: Check predictions for Cancer

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In the beginning of the week, you are blessed with a positive moon, you will be happy and cool. you will enjoy quality time with your partner. Your bonding along with your spouse are improved, which can increase harmony in domestic life. you will be busy with other home affairs. you will decide to form a new partnership within the business. you will be able to make quick decisions that can give you a quick return on business. Investments in the fixed assets is not recommended. From July 26 onwards, things are somewhat negative. Start-up projects will be stopped automatically, which can give you a loss. it is suggested to avoid expectations of the people around. you will face obstacles in your daily routine.

In the middle of the week, the planets are not positive, you will feel bored and scared. you may have health problems, which could affect your work and your home life. you will be upset with your parents’ health problems. Your patience is tested repeatedly. you can be the victim of a conspiracy, it is recommended that you must be careful of your rivals and hidden enemies. you are advised to avoid arguing with the seniors. Investment in a fixed asset is recommended to hold for some days, otherwise it can be converted into a zero investment. Love Birds are advised to avoid arguing over inappropriate topics, otherwise there may be separation in the relationship. Students need to study their subjects broadly to urge success. From 29th July onward situations are in check. your destiny can begin showing the right path currently. you’re suggested to chanting mantras and do meditation to come out from the untidy things.

In the last days of the week, you will be blessed with a positive moon that can give you peace of mind. you will be happy and you can enjoy every moment. Projects suspended for no reason, can start automatically. you will decide to visit a religious place to find good energy. you will decide to donate some money to a charitable organization. your future can help you apply new strategies to your work forward. you will be seen planning a family reunion or event. you will enjoy spending some time with your family or friends.

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