Weekly Horoscope, 15 to 21 August 2021: Check predictions for Leo

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At the beginning of the week, you will be blessed with positive planets. your vital energy will be good, that can make you happy. Conflict between siblings is about to be resolved. Your focus on your work will be positive, which can give you success in your business. With the help of your network, you will schedule short work-related visits, which can give you an edge soon. your subordinates can help you with your important work-related calls. you will expect to see good results from your hard work. A job seeker can get a good job after a hard time.

In the middle of the week, it will not be good, you will feel nervous. Anxiety will make you angry. spending on value less stuff can have an effect on your savings. However, with the help of experience, you’ll avoid making investments on risky assets. you will pay your money for arts, inventions that can improve your situation. you are advised to avoid arrogance with your spouse, which will result in disruption to family relationships. Disputes between business partners may be resolved. and you will decide to invest in fixed assets or renovations to your home or work. you may have decided to move from one place to another.

The last few days, it can be busy with kids’ health. You will plan for children’s education. Couples can welcome a kid into the family. you will use your knowledge to resolve disputes based on business and social life. Your past investment pays you now. Your investment within a fixed asset can be profitable. you will also plan to take admission to higher education to increase your job-related skills. Lovebirds can enjoy their happy times. Single people may listen to the good news. New sources of income may seem open.

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