Weekly Horoscope, 26 September to 02 October 2021: Check predictions for Leo

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The first two days of the week will cause you to be busy on the work front. With the help of destiny, you will be able to make some necessary decisions inside the profession that may grow your work in the near future. you may relish your work, in terms you may get rewards in terms of your exhausting work. The health of your mother can probably be better now. people around you may support you, which is able to improve your confidence. Overworking your mind can cause you to be tired, due to workload, you may not be able to give time to your family.

Middle of the week, with the assistance of communication skills, you may probably urge some gain in your past investments. Your sources of earnings are currently raised, which may boost your bank balance, you may additionally plan for renovating your house or workplace. Natives who are within the job will get promotions and incentives. you’ll additionally plan to give some amount to charity, to any social institutes or to any religious place. From 29th September, you will feel bored, you may face some health problems. you’re urged to avoid rash driving or journey tours.

In the last couple of days of the week, your moon will be negative. you will feel unhealthy. you may be a victim of mood swings, you may not relish the moment. you may be unable to sustain within the given responsibility. it’ll cause you to be impatient and nervous, you may criticize yourself. thus, shall beware of your opponents and rivals. You shall avoid fantasy in terms of your profession. You shall hold over to form new investments. you’re suggested to take care of your parents.


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