Weekly Horoscope, 14 to 20 November 2021: Check predictions for Taurus

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In the first days of the week, you will be ahead with the plans. You will be able to use your ideas within the current business to grow and be successful in the future. Your team members can help you make it happen. You would expect to order a large order, which can provide a positive impact on the growth of your business. You will decide to invest some money within the current business, which can give you a profit in the near future. You will get a reasonable return on your investment. At home, your family will support you to keep the relationship. You will be in a position to win against opponents and hidden enemies. You will expect some promotions or career changes, which can increase professional stability. Parents’ health will improve. Love birds can enjoy their happy times. Singles can possibly find love.

In the middle of the week, you will expect good opportunities. Your investment can start to pay off profitably. New sources of income can now be opened up, which can extend your financial life. Chronic health problems will be treated. Students can hear great news according to their studies. A new person contact can help you grow your business. Unmarried people can find a soul mate. You will expect a promotion from your current job and job seekers will expect to find a suitable job.

The last few days will not be pleasant. You will feel unhappy and impatient, which can affect your routine at work. Your projects will stop working automatically, you may have health problems. Anxiety and restlessness can make you angry. You will waste your precious time by doing useless things. You are advised to chant mantras and meditate, which will help you to get out of the chaotic state. Risky investments and speculation are suggested to be avoided. It is recommended that you avoid speedy driving and risky journeys.

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