Weekly Horoscope, 21 to 27 November 2021: Check predictions Virgo

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Last week’s negative mood is over now. Your hard work can be turned into positive results. With the help of patience, you can do your best, you can enjoy your work, which can show your performance. you could plan a short work-related trip with the help of your siblings, which can improve your social network. you may be blessed by the moon, your elders can show you the right way, which can give you clarity on your scattered mission. Unmarried people can find their love with the help of friends. Conflicts with siblings may be resolved now.

During the week you may be blessed with the Moon, which can give you confidence and knowledge. With the help of confidence, you will be ready to make difficult decisions at work. Your information can help you make the right call regarding recent investments. You can use your creativity to renovate your home or workplace, which can improve your status. you are advised to avoid getting involved in conversation at work.

The last few days are bad, and you may feel lonely and impatient. you may be the victim of criticism, which can undermine your self-confidence. it is suggested to avoid any kind of conspiracy. you are also being warned to take care of your hidden enemies, which may provoke you to anger. Your money is stuck with any of your friends, which can be hard to find. you are advised to avoid rash driving.

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