Weekly Horoscope, 13 to 20 February 2022: Check predictions for Sagittarius

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At the beginning of the week, you will be happy and blessed by the moon. Harmony in home life will be great, you will enjoy happy times with your spouse. It will help you to do well in business or at work. You will also expect new partnerships within the business. With the help of your friends or family, you will decide to start new things. You will expect some promotion regarding job growth. Arguments with your siblings can be debilitating.

During the week, the negative moon can cause misery. Running projects can stop for no reason. You will feel bored, you will be able to look at the negligence around you, you are advised to be patient before making any important calls. You will be able to deal with certain obstacles at work, things will not be out of control. Immediate problems can cause you to lose your temper. It is proposed to hold new projects. You are also advised to drive safely and avoid long distance trips.

The last few days of the week, you will be blessed by the positive moon, things will be fine. You will be ready to get out of unclean things. You will be inclined to gain spiritual knowledge, which will give you inner strength. You will decide to visit one of your coordinators for advice. An overseas contact can help you in business or get a decent job. Single people can get a decent soul mate. Loving birds can enjoy their happy times.

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