Weekly Horoscope, 27 February to 5 March 2022: Check predictions for Aquarius

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This week, your Moon will be in positive direction, you will find many opportunities to work. you will expect your losses to turn into gains. You will start working on a project that will give you benefits soon. You will expand your social network to improve your status. You will expect to invest in real estate and other assets with the help of one of your friends. Your investment will pay off in the near future.

In the last few days of the weak, the time will be in a positive direction. You will be blessed with the Moon, you will feel healthy. Your inner strength will help you to make important decisions in your family. You will also plan to renovate your house or office. Your focus will be on your goals. Your efficiency will be increased and you will be able to start new things about growing your business. There will be an atmosphere of joy and happiness in the family. The love birds will decide to marry. Unmarried people will find soul mate.

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