Weekly Horoscope, 13 March to 19 March 2022: Check predictions for Capricorn

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In the starting days of the week, you may be busy at work, doing your best at work. Your elders are happy, and you may receive some promotions regarding new responsibilities. You may expect some financial benefits, there will be a proper balance between your gains and expenses, which can improve your bank balance. You may be able to control your opponents and hidden enemies. You may be in a position to win any proceedings or disputes. Recent health problems are treatable. it is suggested that you avoid being arrogant with the person you are living with, which may contribute to the harmony of the home. Love Birds are advised to avoid discussing pointless topics, which could lead to a split.

Mid-week ,results are mixed. You may be a victim of mood swings, you may often feel happy and after a while, you may feel sad for no reason. On the health side, you will hear the good news. You may be busy with home affairs. You can expect new partnerships in terms of business, you may seem to be making quick decisions that may give you more edge in terms of business growth. Investing in government-owned assets may give you a profit. Unmarried people will find their partner.

The last few days of the week , things will be negative. You may feel lonely, you may be afraid of unknown fear. You are suggested to chant mantras and meditate. You are also recommended to stay away from bad people. You may become impatient and lose your focus. it is proposed to delay investment in risky assets, otherwise it will be converted to a zero investment. You are further advised to avoid rush driving and risky travel tours. Do not sit in crowded places again. Students must be very committed to their studies.

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