Explore the weekly horoscope for Virgo from March 24 to March 30, 2024

At the start of the week, the moon’s blessings may come your way, filling you with happiness and excitement for the positive things surrounding you. Any lingering health issues concerning your parents will finally find resolution. Good news regarding legal matters may reach your ears. Your superiors will be pleased with your sensible work, potentially leading to promotions and benefits. You will have complete control over your adversaries and business competitors. Individuals involved in art, fashion, luxury, and household items can expect favorable outcomes. However, the last few days of the week may not be as pleasant. Your confidence may wane, affecting your daily routine. It is advisable to avoid making important decisions and to stay focused on your work. A sense of mysterious fear may surround you, prompting you to seek solace in a spiritual place or through prayers. Rush driving and unnecessary journeys should be avoided. Be cautious of potential conspiracies and keep a watchful eye on your opponents and business rivals. Lovebirds are advised to steer clear of unnecessary arguments, as it may lead to relationship divisions.

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