Gemini Weekly horoscope from April 28 to May 4: Your luck for this week

At the start of the week, you may receive blessings from favorable celestial bodies, granting you inner strength and good health. You will find joy in both your professional and personal life. There is a possibility of receiving recognition within your community or social circle. In business, you can anticipate positive cooperation. Your religious beliefs will guide you in making the right decisions to enhance your work. Expect significant changes in your current job, and job seekers may come across new employment opportunities. Within your household, it is advised to safeguard your identity to maintain a harmonious relationship with your spouse. Additionally, you may allocate a certain amount for home renovations. The latter part of the week appears promising as you will encounter a new and supportive individual who can assist you in matters related to your career and business. Your network will play a role in expanding your business. Any issues with siblings can also be resolved during this time. A visit to a religious site is on the horizon for your family, providing you with fresh perspectives for the future. You will also make a donation to a religious or community cause. Unfortunately, the final day of the week may not be favorable for you. High expectations could lead to frustration, but with the guidance and blessings of your elders, you will overcome any feelings of depression and anxiety by the end of the day.

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