Sagittarius Weekly horoscope from April 28 to May 4: Your luck for this week

At the start of the week, you will experience happiness and be occupied with family and work matters. You will anticipate a sense of tranquility and joy surrounding you, leading to an improved state of mind. Your focus will be on domestic affairs, and your bond with your spouse will be significantly strengthened. New partnerships in business are on the horizon, and you will be making swift decisions that could result in immediate benefits. Investing in government-related assets may prove profitable. Towards the end of the week, you will receive blessings from elders that will bring you joy. There may be opportunities to expand your professional network. Your reflections will guide you towards implementing new strategies for success in your work. You might plan a visit to a close relative or organize a celebration. The final day of the week could bring happiness professionally, with the possibility of securing a significant work order that could boost your business. Your relationship with your boss will improve, and you may aspire to attain a higher position within the current organization.

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