Scorpio Weekly horoscope from April 28 to May 4: Your luck for this week

At the start of the week, the circumstances may not be favorable. Your projects might unexpectedly come to a halt without any apparent reason, potentially resulting in financial loss. It is advisable to refrain from investing in a new business venture. Your current gains could offset the potential losses, so it is crucial to avoid speculating on unfavorable matters. Steer clear of disputes as they will only bring you down. Additionally, there is a possibility of health issues arising. However, the blessings and guidance from your elders can shield you from this unfavorable situation. It is important to maintain harmony in your home and love life by avoiding conflicts. As the week progresses, you will become more prepared and focused. Your professional and career commitments will keep you occupied, possibly leading to mental fatigue and limited leisure time. This may impact the harmony within your family, but your siblings will provide support. Lovebirds can anticipate making important decisions regarding marriage with the assistance of their families. Job seekers may receive positive news about a suitable job opportunity through the help of friends. Encouraging updates regarding children’s education will also come your way. Couples may receive joyful news about the arrival of a new family member.

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