Libra Weekly Horoscope May 5 to May 11 2024

At the start of the week, it may not be favorable for you as you might feel bored and frustrated. Additionally, you could experience health issues and possibly suffer from insomnia, leading to a lack of focus. Your arrogance and vanity may negatively impact your personal life and domestic harmony. Moreover, you may end up spending your hard-earned money on unworthy things, which could affect your savings. It is advised to control your harsh speech, and lovebirds should avoid engaging in discussions about trivial matters to prevent any potential breakups. Towards the end of the week, you will be occupied with family and friends, and you may plan to engage in entertainment activities. Taking care of your children’s education will keep you busy, and their health may cause you some concern. Destiny will guide you towards finding solutions for success. There might be some detachment in your personal life, so it is recommended to maintain control over your words and ego. In partnerships, it is advisable to avoid arguments and handle disputes patiently, as you can expect to receive good news.

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