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For Cow Protection, Feeding, Students Food and Shelter

Veda Bharathi Goshala in Basara, Nirmal District with only 2 cows, the number today has increased to 40+ and is expected to reach 300 in next few years.

Veda Bharathi Goshala is one of the most unique and well maintained where personal attention and care is given each Cow, with separate special zones allocated for Bulls, Cows, Calves and milking Cows. Pregnant Cows are offered special diet and care to ensure proper health of the Cow and the calf. Here the cows are treated as one of the family members and all due care is given to them. None of the cows or bulls are sold or given away from the Goshala and all the cattles are served for their entire lifetime.

The health status of each and every Cow is noted on a daily basis and is logged for long term monitoring. To ensure proper medical care a veterinary doctor visits the Goshala regularly and is locally available in case of all emergency situations. Apart from providing clean hygienic surroundings, fresh water and ventilation, great care is taken with regards to their diet. Proper nutrition is provided in the form of kadba, corn, tuar and wheat barn. Lucerne grass, Yeshwant grass, Paragrass to provide very good nutrition for our Cows.

The visitors have regularly commented that the cows at Our Goshala in Basara appear more joyful and content than in other places.

The calves are given the first priority for drinking the milk and after they are satisfied does the milking process begin.

For Cow Protection, Harati, Feeding, Students Food and Shelter

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