Need Support for Godavari Harathi Land – We are doing daily harati here

We are looking at fundraising for Godavari Harathi (its cost 75L) Land. 1 square yard 5000Rs

Visit once our Veda Patasala and Godavari Harati

Donation Eligible Under 80G


We acquire many things in our lives such as education, good job, properties and other virtues tending to glory here and hereafter. But these are all momentary and short-lived. However, the things that guide and protect us through our lives are Vedas, Upanishads etc., enunciated by the Saints and Rishis of yore. The Vedic philosophy is handed down to us from generation to generation and continues to guide us elevating our lives to a higher plane. Hence it is our broader duty to preserve this invaluable treasure and heritage to the generations to come.

To this purpose of spreading Vedic treasure, Sri Veda Vidyananada Swamy founded Sri Veda Bharathi Peetham (SVBP) in Basara. SVBP school activities, YouTube channel and online efforts help rejuvenate our Dharma and culture. One such activity is Godavari Harathi, which highlights and celebrates the magnificent River Godavari. Revered as Dakshina Ganga, this gift of Almighty balances the union of Jeeva and Brahma. Everyday about 80 students of SVBP Ashram pay respects to this great natural supporter following Vedic traditions.

Till now this ritual has been going on in a noble way with the help of many devotees, though Ashram is about 2 km away from Godavari Harathi Ghat. To help reduce the difficulties involved, Swamyji intends to purchase ½ acre land right across the Ghat and build a facility.

SVBP humbly solicits your continued support, to the best of your ability and convenience, in this undertaking.

Suggested sponsorships are:
1 square yard = INR 5,001
11 square yards = INR 50,001
25 square yards = INR 1,00,001
51 square yards = INR 2,00,001
101 square yards = INR 4,00,001

GPay/PhonePe: 9441321492

Kindly consider being an active part of this “Bhoodana Yagnya” and fulfill the wishes of Swamyji to advance and retain the glory of our culture. May the blessings of Mother Godavari and Gnyana Saraswathi be with you, always.

GPay/PhonePe: 9441321492

Please send your Gotram, Names and family members Date of Birth

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