|| Vedona Khilo Dharma Moolam ||

We are stated Dakshina Ganga Harathi Pooja on 04th Nov 2017, We are conducting every day on the banks of Godavari Nadi flowing with rattling sound and scintillating Divine Dance in Basar, Nirmal, Telangana.

Oh divine souls! The deities of three worlds (Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara) conversed and created sacred Gautami or Godavari which is more valuable than our soul more valuable, than our life, more valuable than our crops. Wishing this river to remain sacred and perennial. We are conducting Nitya Harathi Pooja every day in the name of Dakshina Ganga Veda Nitya Harathi. With the participation of Vedic Scholars we are conducting Vedic conference to enhance the divinity, cleanliness and power of river Godavari and also to bestow with long life, wealth and health to ourselves and our children. People’s commitment to activities of dharma and duty is possible only through veda. Vedam only teaches to follow (adhere) good deeds and rejects bad deeds and sins. By practicing good deeds humans are bestowed with truelip divinity through which they become unselfish, sacred and reach the state of Gnananm thereby attain moksha. By Forbidding bad deeds human beings become puritans thereby attaining good health and wealth through Our God and enjoy peace and happiness in this world. To achieve that sort of ever Lasting peace and Mukthi Sri Sri Sri Veda Vidyanandagiri Swamiji of Basar Committed to celebrate the Ganga harathi with Rushi Kanyas.

As a part of this, Yagna with chanting Veda mantras will be conducted. Those who participate in this great veda yagna, the ill effects of Astama Sani, 7 1/2 Years and Kuja Graha dosha will be nullified and achieve peace and happiness in their family. Lalitha Chandi, Rudra, Ayush, Nakshtra, and Navgara homa poojas will be conducted.

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