Navarna Mantra JapaTarpana & Homam 9 Lakhs

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The Navarna Mantra, Japa Tarpana, and Homam are integral practices in Hinduism, particularly in the worship of Goddess Durga. Here’s an overview of each, along with their benefits:

Navarna Mantra:

The Navarna Mantra, also known as the Chamunda Mantra or Chandi Mantra, is a powerful invocation dedicated to Goddess Durga in her various forms.
The mantra is “Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vichche”, wherein each syllable holds significance representing different aspects of the divine feminine energy.
Chanting the Navarna Mantra with devotion is believed to invoke the blessings of Goddess Durga for protection, courage, strength, and victory over obstacles.

Japa Tarpana:

Japa Tarpana is a sacred practice involving the repetition of mantras while offering oblations to deities or divine forces.
In the context of Navarna Mantra worship, Japa Tarpana involves chanting the mantra while making offerings such as water, flowers, or grains to Goddess Durga.
This practice is undertaken to deepen one’s connection with the divine and seek blessings for protection, prosperity, and spiritual growth.


Homam, also known as Havan or Yajna, is a fire ritual performed by Hindu priests to invoke the blessings of specific deities through the chanting of mantras and offerings into the sacred fire.
A Navarna Homam is conducted to appease Goddess Durga and seek her divine blessings for courage, protection, and victory over adversaries.
During the Homam, various offerings such as ghee, grains, fruits, and herbs are made into the fire while chanting sacred hymns dedicated to Goddess Durga.

Benefits of these Practices:

Protection and Courage:
Regular recitation of the Navarna Mantra, combined with Japa Tarpana and Homam, is believed to invoke the protective energies of Goddess Durga, granting courage and strength to face challenges.

Removal of Obstacles:
Worshiping Goddess Durga through these rituals is believed to remove obstacles and hurdles in life, both material and spiritual.

Victory Over Adversities:
Seeking the blessings of Goddess Durga is believed to bestow victory over enemies, negative influences, and internal conflicts.

Spiritual Evolution:
These practices aid in spiritual evolution by fostering a deeper connection with the divine feminine energy and promoting inner transformation.

Harmony and Well-being:
Invoking the grace of Goddess Durga through these rituals is also believed to bring harmony, peace, and overall well-being to individuals and families.

Performing these practices with sincerity, devotion, and proper guidance from knowledgeable priests or spiritual mentors is essential to derive maximum benefits and blessings from Goddess Durga.

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