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What is the preference of Ugadi? What to do today?

New Year for Telugu people .. Ugadi. This festival is celebrated by the Telugu people on Chaitrashuddha Padyami every year. Ugasya Adi Ugadi. Uga means birth, stellar movement. Adi means the beginning of stellar movement and the beginning of birth. Ugadi means the sun for the age .. It also means the sun for the star.

Ugadi means the first day of the birth of the world. In other words age means two or a couple. According to our Indian tradition, it is Ugadi for the age, so we call it Ugadi, which is the month of Chaitra for all the seasons. Chaitra Shuklapadyami means .. It is said that creation took place on the day of Ugadi. According to the Puranas, Ugadi came into being on the day when Vishnu, the incarnation of Matsyavatara, killed Somakuni, who had drained the Vedas, and handed over the Vedas to Brahma.

On the day of Chaitra Shuklapadyami, we celebrate Ugadi on this day as the Puranas state that God Brahma started creation. It is a historical fact that Ugadi is celebrated in memory of the Shalivahana emperor Chaitra Shuklapadyami Nade who was crowned as the epoch maker of the Shali vehicle with his heroic deeds.

What to do on Ugadi day?

There are certain rules that everyone should observe as a minimum dharma on Ugadi day. Aventante?

* Waking up in the wee hours of the morning. The house should be cleaned and decorated with mango arches.
* Bathing should be practiced; Wear new clothes.
* Worship God at home or in the temple. It is good to recite Vishnu Sahasranama, Aditya Hridayam, Lalita Stotram and Ashtottara Shatanamam.
* Taking the blessings of the elders
* Receiving Ugadi greens as an offering
* Listening to the calendar (knowing about the conditions of the country and time)

Why eat Ugadi Pachchadi?

The most important of the Ugadi specialties is the Ugadi Pachchadi. It is a combination of six flavors. This is very special for Telugu people. It is a combination of scientific and spirituality in the six flavors of bitter, spicy, sweet, salty, sour and nutty. These shadruchus are the six types of flavors in our life
In contrast, Ugadi Pachchadi means the spiritual concept that hardship, happiness, sorrow, joy, happiness and suffering are all common in human life and that all should be accepted equally and move forward in life. In addition, science shows that taking Ugadi Pachchadi in the month of Chitra will kill the germs and bad bacteria in the stomach and make the body healthier.

Why listening to the calendar?

In modern society it is a situation where everyone thinks too much about their own work. This Ugadi festival is a perfect example of what our forefathers did for the society and not for the welfare of the society.

Listening to the calendar reveals the conditions of the country. Also, everyone is aware of the situation to come. Those who have done good think that it is a good opportunity given to them by God. Adult thinking and values ​​with a positive outlook are imparted by adults through calendar listening. Business orientation should not be viewed in a negative light unless astrology is viewed in a positive light. Listening to the calendar encourages you to know how to cope with any difficulties in listening to the calendar.

What is a planet year? What to do?

Sri Plavanama means the year of abundant water. Science says it is better to donate silver in the year of the plague.

How are the results going to be this year?

According to the Chilakamarti calendar in the year of Sri Plavanama, the rains are moderate as the king and minister are Mars. Governance involves tough decisions. Corrupt people are imprisoned. Politically, many people have legal problems. Fires are high this year. Crops grow well. Magani grows well by becoming the moon commander. White lands are best cultivated by Venus, the lord of plants and water lords. Gold prices will rise. The burden on the people will increase. Commodity prices are rising. Fear of war, hurricanes are high.

Infections decrease in the second half of Sri Plavanama year. People become healthier. People live healthy and comfortable lives. Money is over-spent. Make profits in business organizations. Beneficial to farmers. Not suitable for those in the cinema. Saturn’s metal, oil and pharma sectors are coming into development.

What are the results for the zodiac this year?

The 12 constellations in the year of the plague have similar results. Pisces, Aries, Leo and Virgo have excellent results. Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Scorpio have moderate results. Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Gemini have the worst results.