Pisces | 16th to 22nd May 2021

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At the beginning of the week, you will experience dullness, discomfort and lack of confidence. You’d probably be in a position to escape, you wouldn’t be willing to take on any responsibilities, which could lead to something strange at home and at work, which could affect your daily routine. You will not be able to fulfil your commitments, which will affect your reputation with the people around you. You will spend your hard earned money on useless things, which can affect your financial stability and some negative you will be stored around you. It suggests avoiding rush driving and adventure travel for a while. You are also advised to stay away from bay areas.

In the middle of the week, something will be under control. You will be blessed by the moon, you will guess some capital in the family business, which can increase the growth of the business. With the help of confidence and patience, you will complete your work on time, which can enhance your reputation in the workplace. In general, you may be faced with a bit of a dilemma for some important call needs, it is suggested to follow your intuition in taking a difficult call. Some health problems are also likely to occur, you are suggested controlling your eating habits and routine to avoid instability and discomfort. Can try and go to bed on time to get proper rest.

For the past few days you have been busy with housework and children’s education. You have to do your best in terms of educating the children. You will invest a little on the future savings of the children. The health of children and loved ones will be restored. Your personal life will be fine, you will have a good relationship with your spouse, and you will also enjoy your quality moments. Still, you are advised to control your harsh speaking and ego. There may also be some disputes in the partnership in which you are advised to avoid arguing. The last day of the week will be a little better. You will come out with a messy situation. You will enjoy an occasion with family or friends. Love Birds are going to be busy with family occasions.

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