Libra | 23rd to 29th May 2021

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At the beginning of the week the planets will be negative, you will be bored and frustrated. You may face health problems. Your arrogance can affect your personal life, domestic harmony and social life. You can also spend your hard earned money on inappropriate content, which will affect your savings. You are advised to regulate your arrogance and short temper, you are advised to chant some mantras and get proper rest. Love Birds are advised to avoid discussion on inappropriate topics, otherwise there may be a slight break in the relationship. You can also avoid getting involved in any kind of legal action.

In the middle of the week, things will be under control now, last week’s chaotic situation will be under control. You may feel sleepy, you may experience happiness and peace of mind, you may also expect good health. You can work with efficiency in your professional life, which can cooperate with you to make some necessary decisions in your secondary business. You plan to start some new venture with the help of your siblings and network. You can plan to invest a little in the parental business. Students can perform better. You can now become a smart investor.

The last few days, you will be busy with family. You may hear some good news from the point of view of children’s educators. Goals can help you find your way to success. You are advised to control your tongue and ego, which can cause some problems in family harmony. Arguing in a partnership should be avoided, you can handle disputes in a partnership with patience. You are advised to regularize your eating habits to maintain your health. You’ll be able to control spending on inappropriate content, which is able to accelerate your savings.

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