Leo | 30th May to 5th June 2021

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At the beginning of the week, you will be blessed by positive planets, it will cause you to be happy, and the latest health related problems will be cured. Money that was stuck somewhere can probably be recovered now, which is able to increase savings. You would probably be in a position to be a winner in any legal matter. Your opponents and hidden enemies will be in control. You will be appreciated by your superiors in the field, you can request for some reward in terms of promotions. Students can travel to different places for higher studies. Singles can find their soulmate with the help of close relatives.

In the middle of the week, you may be blessed by the moon. You can request new opportunities in terms of business and work, which will boost your confidence level. You can start a new innovation with the help of your spouse, who is able to grow your business in the near future. You can spend your quality moments with your partner, who is able to enhance the bond with your partner. Your capacity will be higher. You will probably bring some items or household stuff that are capable of enhancing your social status. You can enjoy family events. You are advised to carefully scan the document before making any investment in a fixed asset.

The last two days of the week will not be good, you may have some health problems, which are able to affect your work today’s work. You will be afraid of mysterious fear, which can make you sensitive and upset. You are advised to chant some mantras or try some meditation.You are advised to avoid rash driving and travelling. You will likely be the victim of a conspiracy, suggested to be wary of opponents and business rivals, it can affect your social image. You will avoid making any argument in your personal life, it will affect your domestic harmony.

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