Sagittarius | 30th May to 5th June 2021

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At the beginning of the week, you will be blessed by positive planets, which can make you happy. You will be more polite with the people around you, you will be able to get a bigger order with the help of your communication skills. You will make some tough decisions in business with the help of your team members. You will have patience at work, your boss will appreciate the way you do your work. You will perform well in business, your losses can now be converted into profit, which can increase liquidity in business. There will be a balance between earnings and expenses, which can boost your bank balance. You plan to invest more capital in the family business to grow your family business in the near future. You will be busy at work, so you will not be able to give the right amount of time to the family.

In the middle of the week, positive planets can make you bold and fearless. You will be enthusiastic, you will make some tough decisions with the help of your siblings and colleagues, you will succeed after a few attempts. It is possible to settle property disputes between siblings. You will start some new innovations in the business, which can grow your business in the near future. You will plan some innovations at home and in the workplace with the help of your creative thinking.

On the last days of the week, you will feel frustrated at work, you will not be ready to enjoy your life at any moment. You may feel bored and sad. You will have to deal with a small loss of property. You have additionally suggested taking care of your parents ’health. You will see that the people around you will not be helpful. Your network will not help you, which can create some obstacles in the way of your success. You are advised to be patient and try to expect from someone. You can additionally plan for relocation from one place to another.

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