Weekly Horoscope, 11 to 17 July 2021: Check predictions for Taurus

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At the beginning of the week, the moon will be negative. you may feel bored and may face obstacles in your daily life. you can become a victim of the mood swings. Several confusions are going to be there in taking the right call. It’s suggested that you shall not take any financial decisions in your business. you can also avoid investing in any new assets, otherwise it will be a zero stock. You may face a lack of cooperation among team members. Singles shall avoid taking any important decision in terms of wedding. Spending on unworthy stuff can affect your savings.

In the middle of the week, and messy things are about to go off, things will be useful in terms of health and wealth. you will be blessed with a positive moon. you will have more energy. Your vital energy can also help in making difficult decisions in terms of business and professional life. Job seekers can get a good job. You can also expect to hear good news from one of your family members. Religious energy will help you in making the right decision. Students are now more focused.

During the last few days, weeks, a positive moon will also bless you. so you will be happy and calm. you can get involved in the amusement places, parties and social events. You are suggested to control your spending on the useless stuff that can affect your money and health. you can expect to meet an important person who will be able to connect you to a big professional network. Your seniors will be happy that you are doing a good job, you can expect to get a promotion or a job change. Love birds can feel more bonding in their relationship.

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