Weekly Horoscope, 08 to 14 August 2021: Check predictions for Sagittarius

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At the beginning of the week, a good moon can make you happy, and your health problems will be solved now. Your income can go up and the costs can go down, it can increase your financial health. you will be in a position to win on your enemies and hidden enemies. you may be in a position to win in any legal case. From August 9, you will be doing well at work. Your seniors will be happy, and you may be promoted in terms of rewards.

During the week, with the help of the blessings of the elders, you will be able to urge new opportunities for business and career, which will increase your inner strength and self-confidence. A new partnership can bring you happiness, which can be beneficial in the near future. Your bonding with your spouse is going to be stronger now. you’ll pay money to bring new stuff which is able to improve your status. you will be busy with family or social events. you will plan to invest in real estate and other assets.

The last two days of the week will not be positive. there will be some annoying feelings in you, which will make you sad and upset. There may be health-related problems as well. It is suggested to avoid rash driving. you are advised to keep an eye on enemies and hidden opponents; you may be the victim of a conspiracy. You will avoid making any arguments, it will turn into a judicial process. Your focus on your goals will be limited, so you will avoid making important decisions. It is suggested that love birds maintain patience and avoid creating arguments on pointless topics.

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