Weekly Horoscope, 20 to 26 February 2022: Check predictions for Aries

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At the beginning of the week, Things are ready, you will be blessed with a positive moon, which will make you happy, the recent health-related problems will be solved now. There will be a balance between earnings and expenditures, which may increase your savings. you may be able to control your opponents and hidden enemies. you may be in a position to win some legal proceedings. Your seniors will appreciate your dedication and hard work, you may be able to apply for promotions in terms of prizes. Disputes with business partners will be resolved now, which may indicate some growth within the business. you can also enjoy some romantic moments with your spouse. You will be able to maintain harmony in family life.

During the week, you may be blessed with Jupiter and the moon, you may expect to promote new business and career opportunities, which will improve your business. A new partnership can make you happy, which can be useful in the near future. Dating with your spouse will only get better now. you can pay to bring in art or household items, which will improve your social status. you may be busy with family or leisure activities. you will also invest in buildings and other assets. Love birds can take an important call about a wedding. Unmarried people can find a soul mate.

The last two days of the week will not be pleasant. you may feel nauseous, which can cause you to be sensitive and give you anxiety. Active projects will be suspended for no reason. you may be the victim of a conspiracy, so you are advised to take care of yourself in terms of hidden enemies and opponents. You will avoid any conflict, it will change the legal process. you may not be very focused, so you will avoid making any important decisions. You may also have health problems. You are advised to avoid rush driving. It is suggested that love birds and couples maintain patience and avoid needless quarrels. Students are encouraged to focus on their studies.

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