Weekly Horoscope, 20 March to 26 March 2022: Check predictio for Scorpio

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At the beginning of the week, the moon will be positive, which will make you happy and cool. You will do your best in the business, your losses can turn into profits, which can improve your savings. With the help of your subordinates, you will make difficult decisions within the business. You can do well at work, your boss will be happy and can cooperate with you at work. You will receive specific rewards regarding promotions. You will decide to do new things in your current job or business. Couples can hear the best news about a new baby.

By the middle of the week, it will be negative for you. A bad moon can make you dull, you will find success after hard work. You may be the victim of a conspiracy, it is suggested that you keep your eyes open, hidden enemies and opponents can harm you. You need to be careful regarding your way of communication, otherwise you may have conflicts with your spouse, which may affect your domestic harmony. You will avoid borrowing from anyone, it will not be easy to repay. You are recommended to do meditation and yoga to get out of depression.

The last few days of the week, you will be blessed by the moon. You will make wise plans to expand your family business. You will be blessed by the elders ’, Your focus will be sensible, you will be ready to start new project successfully. You may be careful when signing contracts, it is recommended that you scan the documents carefully before putting the signature. Your manager will be cooperating now. You will expect to urge a promotion in connection with the job. The love birds will avoid discussing family matters. You will plan to go out together with the family. Your vitality will make sense.

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