Capricorn | 16th to 22nd May 2021

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At the beginning of the week, if you are engaged in children’s education or children’s activities, you will probably be offended by their influence. You plan to invest money in fixed assets or buy some tangible assets of the house. It is advisable to be cautious before making any financial decision regarding investment. You would also expect some unexpected costs on inappropriate content, which would affect your savings. However, with the blessing of the elders, you will be able to control the situation. You will be able to be patient, and you will be happy and calm, which will boost your confidence and state. You will solve many problems with the help of communication skills. You need to be polite to your spouse, otherwise he or she will cause some problems in family harmony. Be careful in eating habits, it gives some stomach or dental problems. You also need to be careful about your ears, throat or eyes. Love Birds can get a little support from their family members in terms of marriage. Students can expect good results.

In the middle of the week, you will be energetic and enthusiastic, which will accelerate your projects. The better your focus is now on your goals, the better you will be able to perform at work. Your hard work can provide you with profit in your business. You will make tough decisions with the help of your subordinates and after a little hard work you will find success. Some new plans will come to your mind, which will provide an edge in the near future. You will plan some renovations inside the house with the help of your creativity. You have to deal with some ego problems with siblings and friends.

The last few days, you will be under the negative moon which will create some negative vibes around you. You will experience discomfort and restlessness, your attention to your goals will be tested again and again, you will find yourself performing very hard in regular work today. It suggests deferring investments in business and land. You are also suggested to take care of your elders. Your friends and acquaintances will not be helpful in your tough decisions. You will be arrogant, capable of influencing your working culture and family harmony. Negligence and laziness can have an effect on daily routine. Your harsh words can affect your respect for those around you.

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