Sagittarius | 16th to 22nd May 2021

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At the beginning of the week you will be blessed by a positive planet, which will make you happy, and you will be able to settle disputes with your siblings and friends. You can request good results from your hard work. If you can focus on your goals, you will be able to complete your current project on time. Your inner strength can help you make some tough calls in family matters. Your family members can support you in your hard call. You are advised to avoid investing in land for a few days. The job seeker can find the right job. It is advisable to avoid driving in a rush.

The middle of the week will be negative for your inner spirit. You will feel bored and get rid of responsibilities, you will find it difficult to enjoy your work or family life. You may face some losses in investment and property matters. Thus, patience is suggested. Read the documents before signing any written agreement. This will try to survive in a bad situation. Avoid haste and be patient. Construction or renovation of a home or workplace suggests postponing it for a while, otherwise it will attract negative energy into the home or workplace. Love Birds are advised to avoid arguments on inappropriate issues.

The last few days, are good. Positive planets can show you the right way. You can plan to go for higher studies, which can enhance your academic skills, which can benefit in your career growth. You can use your knowledge to resolve disputes in terms of business and social life. Your past investments will pay you back now. Your money that was stuck will now be recovered, which will increase the savings. The health problems associated with your children or family members are now solved. Love Birds can take an important call in terms of marriage. Singles are more likely to find a soul mate with the help of a friend.

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