Sagittarius | 23rd to 29th May 2021

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At the beginning of the week, you are blessed by positive vibes. It will cause you to be busy at work. You can perform well and with the help of destiny you are ready to make some necessary decisions on the business front, which can give you positive results in the near future. You can enjoy your work, you can request a potentially large order, which is able to increase growth within the business. Your team can support you at work today, which is able to boost your confidence. The recent health problems are under control. The parents’ finances and health are fine now. Overwork can make you bored, anxiety and stress can affect your daily routine, you may not be ready to attend a family event on time. Nevertheless, your family will support you and help maintain harmony in the family.

In the middle of the week, you will be blessed by the moon, you will see peace and patience in nature. With the help of a quick decision, you can request a small return on your previous investments. The source of your earnings will be multiplied, which can boost your savings. You can decide to start some new projects with the help of your team, which is able to show a little growth at work in the near future. You can also plan the renovation of your home or workplace. Your boss will be happy and he will cooperate with you, you will be able to request promotions and incentives. You will also decide to donate some amount to charity, any social organizations or any spiritual place. Couples may hear good news regarding the new born baby.

The last days of the week, you will feel bored. You may lose focus on work, which may affect the way you work, and projects may be delayed. You will not be able to enjoy your work and family life. You are unable to fulfil the given obligation. It will cause you to swell and panic, you can criticize yourself. So beware of your opponents and rivals. You will avoid fantasy in terms of your business. You are advised to avoid making new investments. You will also be advised to take care of your parents’ health. You are advised to avoid haste. You should also avoid rash driving and adventure tours.

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