Capricorn | 23rd to 29th May 2021

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Last week’s chaotic situation is now over. Things are under control. Your hard work can turn into success. With blessings and patience, you can perform at your best, you can enjoy work, which is able to reflect the way you work. You can plan short work related conversations, which can enhance your social network. You will be blessed by the moon, your elders and guru can show you the right way, able to provide you clarity in your unstable goal. Singles are more likely to find a soul mate, love birds may decide to get married with the help of friends. Disputes with siblings can now be settled.

In the middle of the week you will be blessed by the moon, which is able to offer you confidence and wisdom. With confidence, you can be prepared to make some tough decisions at work. Wherever you can use your knowledge, you can make the right call for new investments. You can use your creativity to renovate your home or workplace, which is capable of improving your social status. You have suggested avoiding arguments on inappropriate topics at work.

The last couple of days of the week can cause you to be preoccupied with family, children and investments. You may be blessed by Jupiter, which is able to show you the right path on all fronts. Your losses can be converted into profits, opening up new sources of income for you. You can earn money from your old contacts, which is able to increase your financial health. While you are advised to be cautious about your child’s health. Your previous investments give you a profit, it is suggested to think twice before making a new investment. On the last day of the week, you can decide to watch a movie or enjoy some indoor game with the family, you can also have some quality moments with your partner. Improves your family harmony. Love birds can enjoy their quality moments. The singles are likely to get the right match.

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