Weekly Horoscope, 13 to 20 February 2022: Check predictions for Capricorn

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At the beginning of the week, you will be blessed with a good moon. You will be glad and will feel happiness around you, previous health-related problems with parents will be solved now. You may hear the good news in terms of siblings. Your seniors will be happy for your performance, you may be promoted in terms of motivation. You will be in complete control of your hidden enemies and your rivals. Your health will also improve now.

During the week, you will be able to go on a work-related trip. You will be able to urge a larger work related order, which will grow your business. And you will start a new partnership, which can give you the edge soon. You will spend some cash to buy art stuff or art objects, which will enhance your social status. You will also invest in real estate and other assets. You will be ready to enjoy your happy moments with your spouse. Your emotional bond with your spouse will be greatly enhanced, which will further enhance your family harmony.

The last few days of the week will not be good in terms of happiness. Your confidence can slow down, which can have an effect on your day today work. You may be less focussed towards your work, you’re suggested to avoid taking any necessary decisions. You will feel an unknown fear near you. You are recommended to visit a certain spiritual place or sing certain prayers to get out of this situation. You will try to avoid rash driving and long distance tours. You may be a victim of conspiracy, so you are advised to remain vigilant against your opponents and business rivals. It is suggested that love birds avoid making unnecessary conflicts, there will be divisions within the relationship. Couples are advised to avoid ego, which can be detrimental to family harmony. You will also not be able to arrive on time for any family event.

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