Weekly Horoscope, 20 to 26 February 2022: Check predictions for Sagittarius

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At the beginning of the week, a good Moon can keep you busy at work, you will use your knowledge to start your plans, which can lead to more work and business start-ups. Your connection to the foreign or far off place, can help you to use your plans more effectively. Your family will be helpful in making the necessary decisions in family matters. you will be in a position to win against opponents and hidden enemies. Unmarried people are more likely to find a soul mate. Loving birds can enjoy their quality moments.

In the middle of the week, you will be blessed with the Moon. Your losses can automatically turn into a gain. The money you invested in the past can now begin to pay dividends. New Partnership can help you grow your business. Unmarried people are more likely to find their soul mate. Couples can welcome a newborn baby. you will be able to own a promotion in your current job. Job seekers can find a new job.

In the last two days of the week, the moon will be negative and not encouraging . You may feel lonely. you may have health problems. you will be the victim of insomnia, anxiety and restlessness, which may cause you to become irritable. you will waste your precious time by doing menial tasks. you will also pay for your hard work in trivial matters, which can create negative energy around you. you are advised to avoid rush driving. Somehow you will see guidance with the blessings of the elders to control this unfortunate situation.

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