Libra Weekly horoscope from April 28 to May 4: Your luck for this week

At the start of the week, you will experience the positive influence of the moon. The negativity from the previous week will dissipate, making it an ideal time to kickstart any postponed projects. Your financial prospects will be favorable, with potential gains from business ventures. Recognition for your hard work may come in the form of rewards. Work-related travel is on the horizon. Consider making a donation to a spiritual institution or charity to give back to those in need. New asset-related endeavors may be on the horizon. As the week progresses, you will continue to benefit from the positive energy of the moon. Your income sources may increase, leading to potential savings growth. Develop new business strategies and implement them effectively. Children’s health will improve, and students will find focus in their studies. Investors can expect profitable returns on their investments. Couples in love will strengthen their bond, fostering a lasting and trustworthy relationship.

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